A Japanese man who always wanted to live as a dog managed to make his dream come true


May 28, 2022, 12:03 | In the world

He got the opportunity to live a dog's life.

A Japanese man who always wanted to live as dog, managed to fulfill his dream

A resident of Japan, known in social networks under the nickname Toco, admits that he always dreamed of living as an animal, informs Ukr.Media.

That is why he turned to a company engaged in the production of various costumes and special effects, and ordered a realistic outfit of a collie dog. The weirdo spent $15,000, but it was worth it, and now the man got the opportunity to live a dog's life, which he demonstrates to Internet users.

Specialists had to suffer thoroughly, because the structure of a dog's body is very different from a human's. Numerous photographs of the circle taken from different angles were used. It was also necessary to increase the fluffiness of the synthetic fur to hide the shell of the suit, and to make a mouth that opens and closes. But after 40 days, the ultra-realistic outfit was ready and the buyer was extremely pleased.

Toco's story has created quite a stir on social media, and people are mainly asking themselves the question – why did a queer need to feel like an animal? Toco admitted it was hard to explain. However, most users agree that a man's eccentricity does not harm anyone, so he has every right to walk around in a circle.


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