A journalist bursts into tears before Messi in an interview: “I admire you deeply”

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A journalist bursts into tears before Messi in an interview: "I admire you deeply"

Leo Messi conceded An interview with DirectTVSports, an Argentine television network, in which the highlight of it were not the words of the former player of Barça, but the reaction of the presenter, < strong>Pablo Giralt, who in the final stretch of the talk could not contain his tears due to the emotion of the moment by surprise of the footballer.

“The only thing I wish for you is that you be very happy and that you always do very well in life. You deserve it. I have a deep admiration for you.” These were the last words of the interviewer before breaking down to tears.

The player, seeing that the journalist could not continue and told the Cá to stop. mara smiled and waited a few seconds for Giralt to recover and be able to speak again.

Seeing that the presenter was totally overwhelmed by the situation and could not control his emotions, Messi < /strong>showed him He gave her support by putting his hand on her knee and just to say, “Thank you.”

Once the journalist recovered minimally, he left the room. I went: “I am a kid from Venado Tuerto, my city, who dreamed all my life of doing this. I never thought I would be lucky enough to be able to accompany you with my story, with my love for your career and I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he admitted. visibly moved.

The most emotional Messi

Although the initial reaction of Messi was to show surprise, he also took out your most emotional side when responding to the interviewer. “Thank you very much. I am excited to be able to reach people like this, in Argentina or in the world in general, who have always accompanied me and encouraged me. “They admired from the football or the personal that they can get to know through the interview. I am also grateful for the love I got throughout my career,” he stated.

“This profession and my life have taken me down unimaginable paths. Yesterday I fulfilled a dream I met the athlete I admire and love the most; the one that I have most had to recount and enjoy. My professional path crossed -occasionally- with his and honestly, I feel privileged & rdquor ;, he wrote Giralt from her Twitter account.