A July 1 marked by the housing crisis in Saguenay


July 1st marked by the housing crisis in Saguenay

De l id is always welcome when the time comes to move.

Saguenay is not immune to the housing crisis that is affecting the entire province. Loge m'entraide says a record 50 households have asked for help from the community organization as well as the Office municipal d'habitation (OMH) in Saguenay as July 1 approaches.

The organization specifies in a press release that there were still, Friday noon, 13 households who are temporarily housed with relatives and who are accompanied by the OMH of Saguenay. Thus, among all those who have called on Loge m'entraide, no one ends up directly on the street.

For the coordinator of the organization which campaigns for the poorly housed , Sonia Côté, the vacancy rate of 1.7% in Saguenay complicates the task of tenants.

Fortunately, there is no It didn't rain too much on Friday in Saguenay, giving many people time to move dry.

We have never seen a housing crisis of this magnitude, it is a terrible record, it must be said. Fortunately, we had emergency measures from the OMH. We had been shouting since January, February that emergency measures were needed on July 1. They obviously worked, but don't go through that again, it doesn't make sense, she continued.

For people in difficulty, the Minister responsible for Municipal Affairs and Housing, Andrée Laforest, also targeted the assistance measures put in place.

There are the municipal housing offices, there is the Société d'habitation du Québec and the municipalities because yes, we have a lot of funding. We gave rent supplement programs, housing allowance. It's important, don't stay on the streets. Ask for help, because everyone is really working, especially today, everyone is in office, the MP for Chicoutimi had a message on Friday.

Minister Andrée Laforest announced on Wednesday a partnership with the FTQ, the CSN and Desjardins to deliver 3,000 affordable housing units within 5 years in Quebec.

On Thursday, Quebec announced a second increase in housing allowance in a year. Last fall, the assistance was increased from $80 to $100 per month. It was increased to $170 this week. The eligible rent under the Rent Supplement Program has also been increased.

According to the press release from Quebec sent Thursday, this program allows an eligible household to live in a dwelling in with only 25% of its income to pay.

These measures are in addition to a $78 million action plan presented on May 19.

Several citizens met illustrated the difficulties encountered in finding accommodation.

One lady even said she was taking possession of a place she never saw.

He put me on his waiting list then I was last on the available roster, so it was that or I had nothing. So I decided to take it, I didn't visit it. I don't even know what I'm getting into, but we'll see later, she said, laughing all the same.

In addition, those who have managed to find a roof had to pay more than in the past.

July 1 is always synonymous with moving.

It took us about a month to find accommodation, and then in the end, I say we found something good, but the prices really went up from owner to owner, lamented one man.

I messaged at least 20 people, but finally got a response after two months. I found accommodation, but the price is really expensive, added another.

As in any situation, it was a little easier for some.

It wasn't that complicated for me, because I already had friends who were in a block where the owner was looking for tenants, so we were able to ;have an apartment without her needing to put an ad, shared one last lady.

Based on a report by Philippe L&#x27 ;Happy


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