A killer in the head

A killer in the head

A killer in the head

Technology and its recent advancements fascinate some … and terrify others. Halfway between the two camps, Canadian filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg, however, chose the second for his most recent proposal, Possessor.

“I’m very interested in what virtual reality now allows us to do. It’s very exciting in several ways. But it’s also terrifying to see where we are at, right? »He advances in interview at Newspaper.

It is with this in mind that he wrote Possessor, his second feature film as a director, released on video on demand earlier this week. The film was originally scheduled to hit our theaters last October, before the second wave of the pandemic thwarted those plans.

We find a professional murderer in modus operandi very particular. Thanks to a revolutionary technology, she manages to interfere in the minds of her victims, controlling them at will to make them commit the irreparable towards others before taking their own life.

Narrative violence

The violence – intrinsic to the plot – is presented in a frontal, confrontational and often explicit manner. A deliberate choice for Brandon Cronenberg, who sees it as an almost infallible way of guiding moviegoers towards darker avenues of the human psyche. Because the beaten track, the filmmaker prefers to avoid them as much as possible.

“I like that a film pushes me to a place very, very far from my comfort zone and my daily life. I want to see things, to experience things that everyday life does not bring me. And violence is very effective in that sense. But you have to know how to dose it. Because if it only serves to provoke or react, it no longer serves the intrigue and it can easily become childish, ”he explains.

Shadow of the Cronenbergs

Both in the subjects he points his camera at and in the treatment he reserves for them, Brandon Cronenberg has fueled comparisons with the work of his father, cult filmmaker David Cronenberg, since his beginnings. This he is well aware of and fully understands.

But at the end of the line, we feel a real desire to break free from the family heritage, if only to chart our own course in the film industry. As soon as his father’s name is mentioned in an interview, the filmmaker becomes more evasive and much less talkative.

“I know people want to make connections, but I don’t have the perspective to see the similarities between our work. And quite honestly, it doesn’t matter to me, ”he drops.

Possessor is now available on video on demand.

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