A leading newspaper in the US has urged trump to change the attitude towards Ukraine

Ведущая газета США призвала Трампа изменить отношение к Украине

Before the meeting, “Norman Quartet” the editors of the American edition of the Washington Post has appealed to the leadership of the United States with a call to change policy towards Ukraine. The article of 1 December says that at the moment in front of Ukraine, and President Zelensky facing new challenges that affect the future of the country.

“For many years the policy of the United States was determined to support Ukraine in these moments — not just to support democracy, which is struggling, but to advance the strategic interests of the United States, such as deterring Russian aggression in Europe. However, the chaos that President trump has made in relations between the US and Ukraine, has created a diplomatic vacuum,” — quoted by “European truth” an excerpt from the article.

The article said that almost every senior official who worked in the Ukrainian direction in the past two years, resigned or testified during the investigation, impeachment, and was criticized by the President of the United States.

The editors note that the statements and attitude trump to Ukraine to weaken the positions of President Zelensky in the world.

They recall that Zelensky is still not invited to the White house, although promised. After retirement, Kurt Volker, not appointed a new senior official to represent the U.S. at the peace talks.

In addition, trump continues to repeat false accusations about Ukraine’s role for the 2016 elections, despite the fact that he was told that these are Russian special services.

“All this considerably weakens the position of Mr. Zelensky, especially given the fact that he plans to meet with Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of France Emmanuel Macron. The last two are likely to put pressure on the Ukrainians that they made concessions to the Russian ruler, because such an agreement will allow them to restore European relations with Russia,” the article says.

The editors of the Washington Post urged members of Congress to put pressure on trump and Secretary of state Pompeo to galvanize support for Ukraine, otherwise “the damage to Mr. trump, will only intensify”.

As he wrote, “facts”, the President of the United States Donald trump is not interested in further strengthening NATO and demonstrates enthusiasm about the protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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