A liberal candidate guilty of concealment | Elections Quebec 2022

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A Liberal candidate guilty of concealment | Élections Quebec 2022

The Liberal candidate of Côte-du-Sud, Sylvain Lemieux, intends to continue his electoral campaign despite his criminal record.

The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) is counting on the candidacy of Sylvain Lemieux to represent the riding of Côte-du-Sud, in the regions of Bas-Saint-Laurent and Chaudière-Appalaches. The entrepreneur has a criminal record. He admitted his guilt to three charges of concealment, which means that he found himself in possession of property obtained by crime.

In 2014-2015, Mr. Lemieux was prosecuted four times on charges of receiving possession under $5,000. One of the charges was dropped, while he pleaded guilty to the other three. Each time, he had to pay a fine and costs of $750.

The last offense was committed in 2014, but the others date back to 2005 and 2008. They would be linked to a car garage. Sylvain Lemieux would have found himself in possession of documents whose provenance was illicit. Although he was charged with concealment, he was not charged with theft.

We tried to reach Sylvain Lemieux directly at his residence, but our calls went unanswered. So we weren't able to speak to him directly. However, the Liberal Party sent us a statement from its candidate, who admits to having made mistakes.

“At the time, I hadn't taken all the necessary means and I should have done better checks. It was not my intention to break the law. Since then, I have learned from my mistakes. The fines have been paid and above all I have improved the verification procedures to make sure this does not happen again. »

— Sylvain Lemieux, Liberal candidate for the riding of Côte-du-Sud

We were able to consult this information about Sylvain Lemieux on the plumitif, a public register that brings together court files in civil, criminal and penal matters from all the courts of Quebec. This is a common procedure for any organization wishing to verify the background of its candidates.

All political parties claim to check their candidates before recruiting them. Despite the criminal charges he faced, the PLQ intends to keep him as a candidate for the riding of Côte-du-Sud.

“We have been made aware of this situation. Following Mr. Lemieux's sincere explanations and steps, we decided to continue the process so that he could become a candidate. »

— Maxime Roy, Communications Director of the Quebec Liberal Party

With the collaboration of Daniel Tremblay ofEnquête

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