A lockout decreed at the port of Quebec, says the union of longshoremen

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A lockout decreed at the port of Quebec, says the longshoremen's union

The Société des stevedores de Québec indicates that it has no choice but to decree a lockout affecting all of its unionized workers at the Port of Québec.

A lockout has just been decreed at the Port of Quebec, in the middle of the cruise season. The relevant local of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), affiliated with the FTQ, confirmed the information on Thursday.

It represents the 81 longshoremen working at the port. of Quebec.

Under the agreement on essential services that has been concluded, activities related to grain vessels, terminal or approved transhipment facilities as well as subject operations, such as mooring and unberthing, must be maintained, says in the press release from the Société des stevedores de Québec.

Faced with significant pressure tactics that are increasing day by day and considering the current impasse in negotiations, the Société des stevedores de Québec is placed in an untenable situation, we write in the press release.

On August 30, longshoremen voted in favor of a pressure action mandate that could go as far as a strike, by a vote of 98.5%. They could theoretically go on strike as early as September 11, but they did not.

On its website, the Port of Quebec describes itself as a Canadian hub international trade in Quebec. Some 28 million tons were transhipped there in the past year, ranking the port among the five largest in the country.

The Port of Quebec also indicates that it generates $1.3 billion in economic impact in Canada and that 236,715 visitors were brought by international cruises in 2019, which translated into economic impact of $221 million.

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