A longtime TVP employee has passed away. Friends said goodbye to her in a touching post


Aleksander Wojtyczka is dead.

A longtime TVP employee has passed away. Friends said goodbye to her in a moving post

According to the portal “Pomponik”, Aleksandra Wojtyczka is dead. For a long time, she was associated not only with the Katowice branch of TVP, but also with the Cultural Center in Siemianowice Śląskie. She died Saturday night, losing the fight against the disease.

Aleksander Wojtyczka is dead

Aleksandra Wojtyczka has been associated with TVP Katowice for many years, where she worked in the implementation department. Her output also includes a performance on the other side of the camera – talk about the program “Ekoagent”, in which she appeared in front of the camera. She ended her cooperation with TVP in 2015.

Many years passed TVP employee. Friends said goodbye to her in a moving post

It was then that she started her cooperation with the Siemianowiec Cultural Center. When the war in Ukraine began, she was actively involved in the animation of children who sought refuge in our country.

It was the Siemianowice Cultural Center that informed about the death of Aleksandra Wojtyczka. From an entry posted on social media, we learn that her recent illness contributed to her death.

“She loved handicrafts, flowers, and most of all contact with people: especially those who ry gave fantastic effects in the form of interpersonal integration and bonding “- we can read in the farewell post in social media.

Her colleagues emphasized that she had a unique ability to observe and comment on reality. They added that many of Aleksandra Wojtyczka's sayings were permanently recorded among her co-workers.

Three years ago, a woman lost her beloved husband, who tragically died. However, even this tragedy, which she experienced badly, did not deprive her of the ability to smile and joke. The last farewell to Aleksandra Wojtyczka will take place on August 5. The funeral ceremonies will begin at 9:45 in the Church of Michael the Archangel in Michałowice.

To the family, relatives and friends of Aleksandra Wojtyczka, we sincerely express our sympathy.


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