A look at the new role of MP Alain Rayes

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Regard on the new role of MP Alain Rayes

Alain Rayes, at the microphone of host Maxime Coutié, on the show Tout un matin.

The independent deputy for Richmond-Arthabaska, Alain Rayes, says convinced he made the right decision by leaving the Conservative Party of Canada.

In the balance sheet of his political year, on the radio program Tout un matin, Tuesday, the federal deputy let it be known that he was fed up with the style of politics of the party and new leader Pierre Poilievre.

Alain Rayes reiterated that he wanted to focus on a policy that brings people together. His new role also allows him to see that the functioning of the House of Commons does not encourage Members to work harmoniously, without demagoguery.

From where I am positioned, it allows me to have a different view of the Canadian parliament, of the oratorical contest that takes place there. This is where I realize how the bubble simply swallowed me up, like many people, he explains. And I understand even more how some citizens can be cynical when they watch us in the House of Commons.

Even if he is less visible as an independent, Alain Rayes maintains that he still feels useful for his constituency and that certain issues are progressing more quickly than if he had remained in the Conservative Party.

As an independent, he claims to have unblocked files concerning his constituency, such as the case of a young woman who suffers from a rare incurable cancer. In parliament, he directly challenged the Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos. Then, in less than a week, they managed to obtain a drug that was previously inaccessible in the country.

Not only did this drug increase the life expectancy of this resident of Richmond-Arthabaska, but four other Canadians quickly benefited from it.

As a member of the opposition, could I have asked such a question? When you watch the game, when you just repeat the same questions over and over. Would the Liberal minister have been more suspicious given that I would have been a Conservative rather than an independent MP, in confrontation mode rather than in solution-seeking mode? I think maybe we would have finally found a solution, but it would not have taken five days, but weeks and months and this young person would have died unfortunately.

The most difficult grief for Alain Rayes is to do without the conservative political family, in which he evolved for seven years. He who describes himself as a proud progressive conservative, from the school of Brian Mulroney, does not however believe in the usefulness of a new center-right political party.

The independent deputy does not close the door to the idea of ​​running as a provincial deputy. He admits that he is often associated with the Coalition Avenir Québec, because of his candidacy for the ADQ in 2003. Quebec Liberal team, supporting Jean Charest in the last Conservative leadership race.

Alain Rayes first wishes to complete his mandate as an independent MP. I will take the pulse of people who say they support me, but how far? As independent? If I represent myself under another banner, well my citizens will know it, he concludes.

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