A man does not love me: the main signs


    A man doesn't love me: main signs

    Dislike is the beginning of an abusive relationship and a traumatic dependence on a partner

    Women often tend to blame themselves for a failed relationship, but there are a few signs that make it clear that the reason for unsuccessful relationships is precisely in the partner and such relationships should end as soon as possible. And such a setting has long lost its relevance. In a relationship, people should be equal partners.

    Such a relationship has no chance, you don’t need to spend time trying to fix it, and the only way out is to leave.

    You have lost self-confidence

    If before life with your partner you were a self-confident and self-sufficient woman who did not need someone else's approval, and now you are constantly visited by doubts about your own abilities – then you should pay attention to your relationship.

    Your partner is more likely to use you to boost their own self-esteem. He asserts himself at your expense, constantly hinting at your failure, unattractiveness and blaming you for your own failures. A loving man will always support a woman: praise her achievements and be proud of them, compliment her and support her in difficult times.

    A man does not love me: the main signs

    Remembers only the bad

    Resentment is not the best quality of character, but not the worst vice either. But when, during quarrels, a man begins to remember the unpleasant moments of your relationship: to savor them and exaggerate them, this is already abnormal.

    This is followed by dissatisfaction with what is happening now: from unwashed dishes to the wrong menu for dinner. Your problems are leveled, his – are put in the foreground. If during quarrels he constantly appears as a victim who is forced to courageously endure such a bad you – this is a reason to think.

    A man who loves you will not be constantly annoyed by trifles, remember only the bad and blame you for his troubles.

    Constant control

    Often, at the beginning of a relationship, the abuser has total control masquerades as caring. That is why he asks you to tell where you went, why, with whom, and how long you will stay there.

    For the same reason, he advises you to change your wardrobe, or suddenly starts talking about how good you look without makeup. Over time, this develops into grandiose scandals due to a minute delay, surveillance, a complete change in wardrobe, from which those things that, as until recently you thought you were going to, may disappear.

    If a man loves you, he will trust you, and your shortcomings and his, you will correct together, supporting each other, and not feeling like a hostage.

    You are always to blame for everything

    If you suddenly find that you have become to blame for everything that happens in your family and go home with the thought that you have already managed to be guilty somewhere, this is bad. If your man constantly blames you for all the troubles of this world, including your own mistakes, leave him.

    It all starts small: at first he will blame, but when you feel guilty, the abuser will generously forgive you. But when the situation becomes critical, you won’t even figure out what your fault is, but simply seek approval and beg for forgiveness. Which, in turn, will lead to another problem – you will lose confidence in yourself. It is better to leave before this moment. Therefore, you may not have enough determination.

    Offensive jokes

    Each family has its own rules and its own, only two in a pair understand jokes. A sense of humor is wonderful, as is the ability to play a joke.

    But if, after his jokes, you are not funny, but offended, this is not good. Even worse, when asked not to do this again, the jokes continue.

    Even worse, when the company uses jokes on you as a way to assert itself at your expense. And if you catch a glimpse that the majority at the table is not funny, and someone looks sympathetically in your direction and tries to correct the negative impact of the joke – this is another sign that your relationship is not in order.

    If talking does not help – you need to leave. The intensity of sarcasm will increase, and the jokes will become angrier, which will provoke the emergence of complexes, and you will eventually lose self-confidence.

    A person who truly loves you will not create a situation in which you will feel uncomfortable. Even jokingly.


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