A mother gave birth to two albino children and could not believe her luck


January 28, 2022, 2:30 p.m. | In the world

Such a rare coincidence in one family!

Mama gave birth to two albino children and could not believe her luck

Patricia Williams became a happy mother of two albino children. There are 4 children in their family. When the first white-haired baby with blue eyes and pale skin was born, the parents could not believe their luck. The newborn baby's hair shimmered in the sun like platinum, Ukr.Media informs.

When they brought their son home, they noticed that in the bright light, the baby completely closed his eyes and refused to open them. And sometimes his eyes, on the contrary, “ran”. The child's father even joked: "he looks like he is concentrating on the tennis championship.

Two months later, the parents decided to find on the Internet what all these signs mean. The father of the family immediately discovered the answer: "white hair, white eyebrows, pale skin, running eyes"… our son is an albino!". The parents immediately called their pediatrician and, after describing the child's symptoms, heard the doctor exclaim: "how could I have missed this!"…

Already at the doctor's appointment, it became clear that the baby had not opened his eyes before the doctor because of too bright lighting. The pediatrician, meanwhile, made an appointment with the parents to see a genetics specialist and an ophthalmologist. A specialist in genetics immediately confirmed that the child has type 1 cutaneous-ocular albinism. This type of albinism is characterized by the following signs: pale skin, white hair and eyebrows, nystagmus (“running eyes”), blue eyes. Mom, meanwhile, not knowing anything about albinism, asked the first question that occurred to her: “don't albinos have red eyes?” The geneticist laughed and said that the only creature he knew of on Earth with red eyes was a rat.

He then explained that it is a genetic feature and that both parents carry the gene. The ophthalmologist confirmed the presence of nystagmus and translucency in the child (there is little pigment in the iris, the vessels are transparent, and redness is very noticeable in certain light). He also said that because of these features, the kid will most likely not be able to get a driver's license in the future.

The first year of life was not easy also because the baby attracted a lot of attention from others. People are usually not aware of the peculiarities of albino children, and therefore ask many (and sometimes tactless) questions. Also, due to the increased sensitivity of the eyes to light, parents could walk with the baby outside only early in the morning or in the evening, at sunset.

After the birth of the first child with albinism, the parents realized that they had a high probability of having subsequent children with the same gene. However, the third child was born brown-haired with brown eyes (the first child was also without albinism). But the fourth baby was also born with snow-white hair! The parents' joy knew no bounds.

At first, it was not easy for the parents to get used to the unusual regime (a supply of sunglasses, sun creams, hats before going outside), but over time it became their routine.

Now parents are trying to raise babies so that they are not ashamed of their uniqueness. On the contrary, an older child can stand up for himself without shame and anger and calmly explain to the “evil kids on the street” why he has white hair and “running eyes”.

The most important thing is that all children healthy and their parents are crazy happy!


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