A moving gesture of Prince Charles during the last farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. It's hard not to be moved

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Prince Charles left a touching message on the coffin of his deceased mother.

 Prince Charles's moving gesture during the last farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. It's hard not to be moved

As the portal “Jastrząb Post” reminds us, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II took place on September 19. The monarch was buried in a crypt at Windsor Castle, and her last farewell was attended by the royal family as well as numerous dignitaries from around the world. The funeral ceremonies were broadcast on television and on the Internet. Everyone's attention was drawn to a handwritten note on the grave of the deceased queen. The eldest son of the monarch left her, King Charles III. What did he write?

End of the era

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday 8 September at her Balmoral estate in Scotland. Just over a day after the departure of the monarch, the Council of Accession appointed a new ruler who became the Queen's eldest son, Charles III. The new monarch, despite mourning, had to fulfill the duties imposed on him.

On Monday, September 19, Queen Elizabeth II set off for the last journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle, where a coffin with her body was placed in the crypt. Funeral ceremonies began at 12:00 Polish time with a service held at Westminster Abbey.

The funeral procession included King Charles III, as well as three of his siblings: Princess Anna, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. They were also followed by the heir to the throne, Prince William and his younger brother Harry. For all members of the royal family, it was extremely difficult times when they had to say goodbye to the person who had been with them all their lives.

Prince Charles's moving gesture

For King Charles and his siblings, the death of his mother was a huge blow. Following her coffin, the monarch was unable to hold back his tears, which was captured by the cameras present at all times. The queen's eldest son decided to leave a handwritten message on the coffin. by the mother's son.

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