A neighbor at a self-service car wash gave some tips on how to properly wash a car


June 10, 2022, 08:04 | Auto

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A neighbor at a self-service car wash gave some advice, how to properly wash a car

It turned out that you can wash the car yourself quickly and with sufficient quality, no worse than experienced washermen who will take decent money for their work, informs Ukr.Media.

First you need to apply active foam. But you should not wet the dirt first, and only then apply the foam – this reduces the concentration of detergent active substances.

The foam is applied along the body from the bottom up. The point is that if you do the opposite, as many are used to washing with plain water – from the roof down, then its concentration will fall, as fresh foam will fall on the foam that flows from the upper part of the roof and windows. And the applied areas of foam are more visible. But it is important to wash the entire body in this way.

On average, in just 30 seconds, the active substance will dissolve and clean the dirt, so you won't have to wait that long.

After the active foam completely covers the car, it is washed off with clean water. The cleaning gun should be kept at a distance of approximately 20-30 cm from the body. The pressure in a normal service car washer is 180 bars — and if you hold the gun too close, the paintwork can be damaged. True, this is relevant only for cars that have not been repaired very well, and only in places of such repair. The normal factory color cannot be damaged in this way. But God protects the protected, especially if you stick the gun in the body, the spray will fly on you too – and is it necessary?

The water should preferably be warm. In warm water, the active substance of the foam works more effectively, when we wash off the foam, its areas are mixed, and the dirt is left behind better.

But you need to wash with water from the roof down and in one direction, for example, from the rear window to the windshield. The main thing is not to make unnecessary movements and not to wash chaotically, without a certain direction – this way you will drive foam all over the car. Usually, water is washed in two passes around the car, since it is not always possible to completely wash off the foam in one go. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the door slots and side mirrors.

When you plan to wash it for sale, or you do not plan to wipe it with a dry cloth at the end, it is worth applying wax – with it, the car looks better, provides additional protection for the body, forms a small film, water easily rolls off under the influence of the wind. And the car itself will dry faster. Of course, wax is just a beautiful word, a marketing trick, it has nothing to do with real beeswax, just a mixture of paraffins. It can be applied in any direction. The main thing is on the washed surface, otherwise it will form a film on the mud, it will firmly fix it, and it will be more difficult to wash it off.

At the last stage, the car is rinsed with demineralized water, which does not leave streaks. It is washed again from top to bottom, if the foam was not cleaned very thoroughly before that, then demineralized water allows you to remove its remains.

To summarize, you can walk around the car once with a washing gun that delivers active foam, then 2 times with warm water, if you don’t worry and apply varnish or 1 time with warm, 1 time with wax , and 1 time with demineralized water. By the way, for cars painted in dark colors, you should use demineralized water, and for light ones, just warm is enough.


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