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A new duel of the titans is brewing between Apple and Samsung

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Today, Apple and Samsung are the two brands that dominate the smartphone market. But soon, these two rivals will also have to compete in mixed reality products. Indeed, while Apple has just launched its Vision Pro headset, Samsung is also working on a competing product.

In reality, Samsung was already present in AR/VR and therefore, we should rather talk about a return. A few years ago, the Korean giant partnered with Meta and its subsidiary Oculus to offer a product that transforms Galaxy smartphones into virtual reality headsets. However, the product was eventually discontinued.

Then, in 2023, during the presentation of the Galaxy S23, Samsung also announced its plans for an augmented reality product. At the moment, we have few technical details. But we know that Samsung is developing this product with Google and Qualcomm. And Qualcomm has already introduced a processor that the company says will be used by Google and Samsung.

A new Samsung entity to counter the Vision Pro

At the moment, it is not known when Samsung will present its augmented reality product. But in the meantime, we already have some unofficial information. For example, in an article published this week, our colleagues at Sammobile relay a Korean media outlet (Hankyung), which mentions the creation of a new entity within Samsung's mobile division, to develop the future competitor of the Vision Pro.

And the number of employees working within this team has recently been increased to 100. Indeed, after the success of the launch of the Vision Pro, Samsung has decided to strengthen its entity dedicated to mixed reality to accelerate the development of its future product. Indeed, from now on, Samsung would be afraid of being late, compared to its historical rival.

Will AR/VR finally break through&nbsp ;?

In any case, thanks to Vision Pro, the market for augmented reality and/or virtual reality headsets and glasses could enter a growth phase. Indeed, it is possible that this new Apple product has finally broken the general public's reluctance towards this type of product.

Moreover, it is rumored that the leaders of Meta would see the arrival of Apple on the virtual reality and augmented reality market as a good thing. Indeed, apart from the fact that it is a validation, Apple can increase the interest of the general public for this type of product.

Nevertheless, officially , Mark Zuckerberg believes that his Meta Quest 3 headset is a better product compared to the Vision Pro, in addition to costing 7 times less.

  • While Apple has just launched the Vision Pro, Samsung is preparing a competing product
  • The development of this product, in partnership with Google and Qualcomm, was announced in 2023
  • After the successful launch of the Vision Pro, Samsung would have strengthened its team dedicated to reality mixed to accelerate the development of its future product
  • In any case, the virtual reality and augmented reality markets could accelerate thanks to the arrival of Apple

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