A new film with Ruslana Pysanka will be released


A new film with Ruslana Pysanka will be released

A few years before death, the star played a major role in the Ukrainian film, which has not yet been filmed.

The famous TV presenter and actress Ruslana Pysanka before her death played the main role in the film Demons, which will soon be shown on the screens. Natalka Vorozhbit, the scriptwriter and director, told about this on her Facebook page.

“We shot the film Demons and kept it intriguing that Ruslana Pysanka played the main role in it … We imagined how we would finish the film and publish the first videos with her, how everyone will be pleasantly amazed by Novaya Rusya. She said, “I'm making a quantum leap.” In the frame, she cut her luxurious hair, and put on a wig on television. She came to reshoots in the Poltava region after the broadcast while driving and returned back at night ” , – wrote Vorozhbit.

According to director Ruslan, she always wanted to act in Ukrainian cinema, but she was not taken.

“She wanted to act in Ukrainian cinema. But she was not filmed, let's be honest “I was also afraid to take a TV star. There was a long search, a hundred actresses. When she entered the first auditions, the universe entered and completely filled the space. And how beautiful she is! We are now editing the film, and I constantly think “what a beautiful person in the frame” she added.

It is noted that the film is based on the story of Slavik, who is in the Poltava region in the village of Sorochintsev, where he encounters the mystical features of this village and the mysterious personality of the mistress Nina.

A new film with Ruslana Pysanka will be released


Recall that the famous Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Ruslana Pysanka has died.


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