A new urban plan to make Ville de Laval green


A new urban plan to make Ville de Laval green

The by-law will require 25 to 80% greenery in new projects.

Stéphane Boyer has been mayor of Laval since November 2021.

The City of Laval has adopted a new urban planning code for the development of its territory. It is about creating more green spaces and less parking and bringing Laval into “a new era”, said Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

Finally ! This adoption is a major update that comes after 50 years [the last plan dates back to the 1970s] of waiting, he exclaims. We are no longer in the past, it is a plan that wants to change the face of the city and its neighborhoods, he continues, during an interview on the show Tout un matin, on ICI Première.

And to achieve this, each time a project is going to be developed or redeveloped, the city will require 25% 80% green [trees, parks, green space…] depending on the area, said Mr. Boyer.

The mayor also wants to limit parking spaces. In the city centre, shopping centers that will be redeveloped will be forced to reserve part of their parking for the creation of green space, he said.

“We have 60,000 parking spaces in downtown Laval, and they are never full. »

— Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval

And for new construction, the town hall will require parking lots to be underground or hidden behind commercial buildings because the city's objective is to have businesses built along the streets, he said.

The idea is to make a city more beautiful, more pleasant to move around and to walk, hammered the mayor.

For Stéphane Boyer, this new town planning code aims to control all buildings and meet the needs of citizens.

This plan aims above all, according to the mayor, to promote diversity, that is to say to find office, residential and commercial spaces in each district.

People will be able to flourish in neighborhoods rich in history and developed on a human scale for the benefit of an improved quality of life, underlined the Mayor of Laval .

“This will allow people to live more on a neighborhood scale and not have to move around one area to another. Find more jobs and everything they need to live on a daily basis at the scale of their neighborhood. »

— Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval

According to the mayor, such an initiative will make Laval an ecological city because it will reduce the need for use the car.

We want to protect the natural environment and simplify the construction of housing, argued Mr. Boyer.

In short, we want to build a city where there is something for everyone, he summed up.


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