A new wave of heat will cover the US: record temperatures are expected


More than 25 million people in more than a dozen states are at risk from the heat wave. From the northern plains to the southeast, temperatures will be above 32C and heat index levels will be measured in triple digits, according to CNN.

New heat wave hits US: record temperatures expected

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A new heat wave comes on the heels of another record-breaking wave last week that affected many of the same regions that are about to be hit by a second wave.

From Lincoln, Nebraska to Fargo, North Dakota , by the end of the weekend the temperature will reach unimaginable numbers. The heat wave, concentrated over the northern plains, will be 6-8 degrees above normal.

There was also a reprieve from the heat wave, albeit briefly, for the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions, where thousands of people were still without power due to storms earlier in the week. More than 320,000 people were left without power in at least a dozen states from Wisconsin to Georgia on June 18, according to PowerOutage.us. In North Carolina and Virginia alone, more than 150,000 people were left without power.

Overall, more than 240 million people, about 75% of the Lower 48, will see temperatures of 32C or higher over the next seven days.

Another major heat wave

The heat dome currently located over the Northern Plains will shift east towards the Midwest and South, setting another record week and shortening the heat respite.

Temperatures in Chicago soared to 35C on June 20.

Raleigh, NC forecast 38C by June 22.

Heat is the number one cause of weather-related deaths in the United States, and providing advice on the likelihood of heat-related illnesses, including seizures, exhaustion, stroke, and possibly death, helps protect the public in heatwaves.

< p>However, sometimes nighttime low temperatures are just as responsible for deaths as daytime high temperatures.

“Your body needs to cool down at night and actually expects it while you sleep,” said Jenn Varian, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's office in Las Vegas. – When we have very high nighttime temperatures, your body is simply not able to cool down properly, which in itself can cause complications, but will also make you less prepared for the heat of the day.

To start recovery, temperature should drop to at least 26C. In fact, a person can lose up to two liters of fluid overnight due to sweating if the temperature never drops below 29C.

Dozens of cities could break records for the hottest morning temperature in the next five days. Big records are expected in the Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

A few more tips for hot weather

Choose the right clothes

From natural fabrics (cotton, linen, chintz, staple, silk, chiffon), thin and flying, reports the Championship. It is also important that clothing is not tight, constricting, inhibiting blood circulation. Leave your wrists, ankles, neck open, but try to cover your shoulders, buttocks, and back. These areas heat up and burn faster than others. The nose should also be included in this category. A wide-brimmed cap or hat will help here. Choose light colors – dark ones attract the sun's rays.

Adjust nutrition

In the summer, the body is rebuilt, and first of all the thyroid gland. It is she who takes the brunt of the transition from season to season. Therefore, it is important to lighten the diet, reduce the immune load.

It is recommended to give up all allergens, include more fresh seasonal vegetables in the menu, and minimize heat treatment. It is important not to forget about fats (seeds, nuts, oils), but also not to lean on fruits (to avoid spikes in insulin).

Eat small meals 5 times a day – this regimen does not burden the digestive system. In the heat, the acid-base balance of the body shifts to the “acidic” side, so the body especially needs components that have an alkaline valence – plant foods and dairy products, says Zen.

Give up alcohol

Drinking alcohol is highly discouraged during hot weather. Moreover, low-alcohol soft drinks can be much more dangerous than strong ones. For example, 50 g of vodka will help to cope with the burning of the skin (stabilizing the external and internal body temperature), but the systemic use of beer and tonics will not do any good.

Drink mineral water

You need to drink a lot, but there is one but. During active sweating, we lose not only fluid, but also electrolytes. To replenish them and prevent dehydration and leaching of microelements, you can drink a course of table mineral waters or even include them in your daily drinking regimen. will help arrange a personal breeze and give a feeling of coolness. Spray your face, hands, and the space in front of you from time to time. An equally useful thing – portable fan powered by batteries.

Point impact

Putting your wrists under cold water, you will immediately feel that life has become easier and more fun. In the area of ​​​​the palms, as well as on the inner bend of the elbows, there are points of increased pressure. Their cooling has a beneficial effect on the entire body. By applying a bottle of cold liquid to your neck, cool the blood entering the brain.

Wet sheets

Moist bedding will help you sleep. The main thing here is not to overdo it, so that at the height of summer you don’t rattle with a cold. The same effect can be achieved by placing the sheet in the refrigerator or freezer. And no synthetics – in the heat we rest on natural fabrics. You can send a wet handkerchief to the freezer in a – putting it on your arms, legs, forehead or neck, you will immediately feel relief.

Down with heat sources

Do not turn on the stove in vain, and if possible, go to the microwave. Unplug any household appliances you are not using – even non-working power adapters generate a lot of heat. It is better to replace incandescent lamps with LEDs or compact fluorescent ones.


Keep your windows covered during the day – curtains, blinds, foil on the windows will not allow the room to heat up. Open the doors only in the late evening, at night or early in the morning.

Reverse impulse

Heat is primarily perceived by the nervous system and brain, which send signals to the whole body. To deceive the system, it is enough to stimulate certain points.

  • Connect the pads of the little finger and thumb and press hard.
  • Squeeze the earlobes.
  • With your thumb, press forcefully into the dimple between your chin and lower lip.
Under the shower

Instead of a cool shower, you can act against the opposite – stand under the hottest water you can stand, – after that, the 30-degree heat will even seem pleasant.

The power of plants

Eleutherococcus, which helps relieve stress, adapts the body to the heat. It is drunk in the morning, adding to tea. 25 – 30 drops will be enough.

What is the salt

The effect of an air conditioner can be obtained by placing a metal bowl with salted ice in front of the fan. Another variation of – fill several two-liter plastic bottles with slightly salted water. Freeze the bottles, then put them in a basin and set the fan to blow on the bottles. As the salt ice thaws, the air around them will begin to cool, and the fan will begin to blow this air at you. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, which makes ice very cold.