A note hanging on the SOR door is astonishing. The hospital director spoke on the content

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A note hanging on the door of the Emergency Department caused a real storm. What is it actually about?

 A note hanging on the door of the emergency room is astonishing. The director of the hospital spoke about the content

According to the portal “O2”, the bizarre situation took place in the hospital in Parczewo. On the door of the local SOR, information appeared that no electrical cardioversion procedures would be carried out here. This information caused a great stir on the web. The director of the site took the floor. Get to know the details!

Message on the hospital door stuns

On a piece of paper on the door of the hospital in Parczew, patients could read that the facility will not undergo electrical cardioversion until further notice. This decision was justified by “epidemiological considerations” and “the lack of an internal medicine and cardiology ward”. the heart muscle of an electric current. The photo containing this information appeared on social media on the profile “It's not from my ambulance”, which is run by a medic.

In the post, it was inquired whether any life-saving procedures were performed in this ward. The author of the entry went a step further in his questions and asked whether the SOR, on which the shocking card appeared, “are people resuscitating there or” for epidemiological reasons “only the young? Or only the old? Or only the blondes? ? “.

The director of the Parczewska square speaks on the matter

The director of the square in Parczewska argues that the card quickly disappeared from the SOR door. He added that it was supposed to be displayed without his knowledge and consent. The information was to be posted by one of the coordinator doctors in the hospital sanitary ward.

The director emphasized that it was not true that the internal medicine and cardiology ward would cease to operate. There was only supposed to be a temporary limitation in the functioning of the department, which was related to the discovery of “cases of infection with the clostridium bacterium”.

 The card hung on the door of the emergency room is stunned. The director of the hospital spoke about the content

< p> The findings of the journalists of “Dziennik Wschodni” show that the department is to return to normal operation only when the threat associated with the clostridium bacterium has been completely eliminated.

What do you think about the message displayed at SOR in Parczew? that?

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