A past profession helped a woman drive a bear off the veranda of her house


July 25, 2022, 08:01 | Animals

The stern voice of the teacher saved the housewife.

A past profession helped a woman drive a bear away from the veranda of her house

Debbie Tomlinson used to work as a teacher, and the teaching experience was not forgotten by her, informs Ukr.Media.

So, for example, the former profession helped the owner of the house to deal with a bear that climbed onto the the veranda of her country house in Sapphire (North Carolina, USA). It was enough for the woman to talk to the beast – and not just like that, but using her “teacher's voice”. Debbie said that this tone works whenever she needs to show someone she's serious. And so the bear could not withstand the pressure of the former teacher and thought it better to leave, so as not to contact the strict lady.

Debbie later added that she was not afraid at all, so she considers this case exciting. an adventure, not a reason for fright.


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