A pet dog that was lost accidentally won a prize at a dog show


July 20, 2022, 08:09 | Animals

Bonnie took third place in the Best Rescue Dog category.

Dog , who got lost, accidentally won a prize at a dog show

A very unusual story with a happy ending happened in Great Britain. The dog ran away from the house, chasing unfamiliar dogs, and got lost, and the next day the family got their pet back — and during the absence, the dog managed to take a prize among rescue dogs, Ukr.Media informs.

When the dog got lost, the owners were very worried. They filed a missing person report and involved relatives, police and neighbors in the search.

As it turned out, the dog was picked up by the road by a man named Wilmer, who was going to a competition with two of his pets. The animal did not have a collar, and the rescuer decided that it was homeless.

The next day, the family got their pet, and also with a prize for third place. The owners were very happy when they realized that the dog was alive and well.

Now the family of the winning dog is seriously thinking about further competitions.


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