A pigeon carrying drugs was intercepted in a prison

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A pigeon carrying drugs was intercepted in a prison

A pigeon like this was intercepted with methamphetamine on its back in the yard of a penitentiary, in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

British Columbia correctional officers intercepted a pigeon carrying crystal methamphetamine in the yard of the Pacific Institution in Abbotsford, Fraser Valley, on December 29.

The pigeon was spotted in one of the penitentiary's fenced yards where inmates regularly spend time breathing fresh air, as explained by John Randle, regional president of the Correctional Officers Union of Canada.

Officers saw a gray bird that appeared to be carrying a small package on its back, much like a backpack, he said.

“The officers must have cornered him.” You can imagine what it is like trying to catch a pigeon! »

— John Randle, Regional President, Union of Canadian Correctional Officers

A pigeon participating in a climate change study carries a device on its back. (Archives)

After a long time, the officers managed to catch the pigeon, confiscated the methamphetamine it was carrying and released it. The bird was carrying 30 grams of crystal methamphetamine, which John Randle calls a significant amount.

John Randle explains that the smugglers have reverted to an ancient practice with the pigeon that dates back over a century. The agents were very surprised, because in recent years they have mainly intercepted drones with drugs.

The regional president believes that since the repressive measures on drones, smugglers may be turning to more traditional methods, such as carrier pigeons or throwing packages over the fence, to achieve their ends.

Correctional Service Canada says it is investigating the incident, but did not provide further details.

Pacific Institution Correctional Facility, Abbotsford, Fraser Valley, can house up to 500 inmates.

With information by Rhianna Schmunk

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