A popular actor has passed away. Everyone knew his voice

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Marcin Kudelka is dead.

A popular actor left. His everyone knew the voice

According to the portal “Super Express, at the age of 59, Marcin Kudła, a dubbing actor, whose voice was known to all of Poland, died. This sad information was provided by his friend Marek in social media Bimer.

A moving goodbye

Information about the death of Marcin Kudła was provided by Marek Bimer. In a moving entry on social media, Bimer mentions him as the “funniest man in the world”, and at the same time “an incredibly sensitive, warm guy” who “could do anything”.

< p>Marcin Kudelka's achievements included not only dubbing roles. He also appeared in front of the camera. He played, among others, in the series “Dom”, in which he played the role of Gienek Popiołek, or as a guest in the series “Nanny”. There is no doubt that his voice is more recognizable.

One of the most popular characters he lent his voice to was the title Johnny Bravo from the cartoon broadcast on the Cartoon Network channel. However, this is not the only animation he has worked on. We could hear him, among others, in “101 Dalmatians”, “Prince of Egypt”, or in “The Lion King II: Simba's Pride”.

Who was Marcin Kudelka?

Marcin Kudelka was born on October 5, 1963 in Warsaw. He graduated from the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw, where he studied at the Faculty of Puppetry Art in Białystok. In his artistic output, he has roles in series and films (including “Sztos 2”). He was not only a dubbing actor, but also a voiceover.

Privately, he was a happy husband and father of four children, all of whom are now adults.

A popular actor left. Everyone knew his voice< /p>

We extend our deepest condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Marcin Kudelka.