A popular actor has passed away. He is remembered by viewers for the role in the popular series

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One of the actors in the series “Z Archwium X” has passed away.

 A popular actor has passed away. The viewer remembers his role in a popular series

According to the” Radio Zet “portal, Michael Kopsa is dead. The actor has had many things to his credit, although many remember him mainly from his role in the cult series of the 90s “From the X-Files”. The Canadian artist died at the age of 66.

Actor Michael Kopsa is dead

Michael Kops' death was reported on social media by his ex-wife and friend after profession – Lucia Frangione. The actress reported that Kopsa died on October 23 of a brain tumor from which he suffered.

Frangione said goodbye to her ex-partner in a few moving words, emphasizing that he was not only a great actor, who in his career had theatrical, film, serial and dubbing roles. But that's not all. From the entry of Kops's former partner, we learn that he was also a musician, painter and carpenter. However, the role of the father was the most important one.

Who was Michael Kopsa

Michael Kopsa was born on January 22, 1956 in Toronto (Canada). Many of us have probably heard his voice more than once, because he dubbed in such well-known productions as, among others “Dragon Ball Z”, “” Action Man “or” X-Men: Evolution “. He was also a voice in computer games.

His artistic output also includes roles in popular series, such as including “Mysteries of Smallville” or “From the X-Files”, in which he starred alongside such stars as David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Interestingly, he has a double role in the series “Stargate” , where he played two different characters. He also starred in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, “Big Eyes” and “Fantastic Four”.

A popular actor has passed away. He is remembered by the viewer for the role in the popular series

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