A popular cleric warns. Wearing it around your neck is a sin. What is it about

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When is it a sin to wear mineral jewelry and when is it not.

Popular clergyman warns. Wearing it around the neck is a sin. What's the matter

As the portal “O2” reminds, Father Sebastian Picur is very popular on the Internet. The clergyman regularly posts answers to questions from Internet users on his social media. Their topics concern various aspects of faith, sins, and even priestly ministry. Recently Fr. Picur referred to the issue of wearing mineral ornaments around the neck. What does he think of them?

Not only in church

Father Sebastian Picur tries to evangelize not only in the church, but also on the Internet, where he regularly answers questions from Internet users, dispelling their doubts about faith. One TikTok user asked a clergyman about wearing mineral jewelry, specifically whether it is a sin.

The answer may come as a surprise to many. It turns out that it can both be a sin and not be. It all depends on the reason for which we will wear jewelry with minerals.

As the priest explains, “if minerals are given supernatural powers and combined with magic, then wearing them is a sin.”


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Internet users did not let go and asked the priest what if we do not wear a given stone because of the properties attributed to it, but because of its decorative character? Father Picur emphasized that if we wear a mineral simply because we like it, there can be no question of sin.


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From stones to medallions and saints

The topic of wearing jewelry made of minerals caused a lot of emotions and led to the question of wearing a “miracle medal”. Father Picur noted that there can be no analogy here, because while in the case of minerals, the power is attributed to the very “material” from which it is made, in the case of miraculous metallics, this power results from “the veneration of Mary, who guides us to Jesus”.


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In another recording on this subject, Father Picur referred to the faith of St. Hildegard in the healing power of minerals. “What's the difference between natural properties and supernatural powers,” explained the priest.

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