A popular online doctor may be in serious trouble. The National Health Fund issued an official statement on her

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The National Health Fund speaks about the popular Mama Ginekolog network.

A popular online doctor may have serious problems. The National Health Fund has issued an official statement on her

As the portal “Goniec” reminds, in recent days it has become loud about a popular blogger known on the web as Mama Gynecologist. Her words about accepting friends and family out of turn caused a huge stir on the web. The case even reached the National Health Fund, which issued a special statement. Get to know the details!

Mama Ginekologia not only Internet users

Nicole Sochacki-Wójcicka, known online as Mama Ginekologia, decided a few days ago to tell about the backstage of his job and the way he treats his family and friends. The behavior that the woman was talking about did not appeal to a large part of Internet users. Not everyone likes the fact that her loved ones can count on an immediate visit.

“So usually patients do not have access to treatment by Mama Gynecologist — but the influencer and cousin do. And so do my friends. public health protection, on public equipment” – the activist Maja Staśko did not hide her indignation.

However, the indignation of Internet users is not the only problem Sochacki-Wójcicka has to face. Her statement also interested the National Health Fund.

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