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A portable battery and a wireless charger at -75%!” /></p>
<p> It is not uncommon for Samsung to offer big promotions on its devices. It is currently possible to benefit from a pack with a wireless charger and a portable battery from the firm for less than 20 euros! </p>
<p>Samsung has a very good habit of quickly selling off its new releases. This is all the more valid for its telephone equipment such as chargers, earphones and batteries. It's Darty which is currently offering a big promotion on a pack bringing together two Samsung objects at a price. a very small price. The latter includes a wireless charger as well as a portable battery from the firm. You will therefore have everything you need to never be at home. Run out of battery on your phone!</p>
<p><b>Just add the two products to your mix. your basket to benefit from the first reduction. The second is a cash back offer. fill out this address.</b></p>
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Samsung external battery

Newà from 69.99 €

  • Darty69.99 €See

    A portable battery and wireless charger at 75% off!

    Samsung Wireless Charger

    New à from 39.99 €

    • Darty39.99 €See

      This promotion coupled with the refund offer allows you to have the Samsung wireless charger and portable battery for less than 20 euros! This represents quite a saving compared to other costs. their base rate which peaks at almost 80 euros when you buy both products together.

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