A portrait of Prince George has proved that his uncle Harry is unjustifiably sorry for the royal family


August 1, 2022, 22:07 | Culture

The life of the British royal family, according to the stories of Prince Harry, is not the sweetest. But Prince George was able to deny it.

Portrait of Prince George proved that his uncle Harry is unjustifiably sorry for the royal family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have repeatedly stated that the life of the British royal family is far from sugar. Like, all the family members were trapped in the system. From this, Harry's life in the circle of relatives was like “a zoo”, and Megan was generally one step away from suicide. After listening to the Sussexes, you might think that everything is extremely bad for the Windsors. Pity the children who grow up in this atmosphere. But do not rush to conclusions. 9-year-old Prince George successfully debunked Harry's statement with attacks on the family. And the son of the Cambridges did it without suspecting it, informs Ukr.Media.

Is it true that the life of the British royal family is so bad?

Prince George, who recently turned 9 years old, was able to refute Prince Harry's statement about problems in the royal family. It is interesting that the little heir to the throne did it without any loud statements. And what statements can be expected from a 9-year-old child? George managed to refute the words of the Sussexes with the help of his portrait, which was published by the Cambridges on the boy's birthday.

Before we move on to the portrait, let's recall what exactly Harry said about his family. In a scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey, the prince said that he was trapped by the system. According to Harry, other members of the royal family were also there. And of course, you will not find happiness from this. In addition, the red-haired prince later stated in one of the podcasts that he was constantly suffering and feeling pain in his family. "A mixture of The Truman Show and being at the zoo" – this is how Harry commented on his life before he and Meghan went to the USA. Based on the words of the prince, you can think that the atmosphere in the family was as toxic as possible, and the other Windsors are waiting for the same unfortunate fate with suffering as Harry himself.

What the Royal Expert paid attention to

The son of Kate Middleton and Prince William George was able to prove that Harry was wrong in his judgments. Royal commentator Daniela Elzer reflected on this. In her opinion, George's new photo refutes all the negativity that Harry spoke about the family.

“[Harry's] experiments do not mean that those who were left behind, hiding in palace life, will now face the same fate,” Daniela stated. Maybe Harry really did suffer in his youth. However, should we blame the royal family for all the troubles? The commentator suggests that the Duke of Sussex faced rather the fact that he was raised by two confused people than the total toxicity of the family.

Take a look at a happy Prince George in a new portrait that Kate Middleton took herself. The first thing that catches your eye is the boy's sincere radiant smile. Of course, one portrait may mean nothing. But in general, one gets the impression that the Cambridge children are growing up in a wonderful, happy family. Is this a trap?

Portrait of Prince George proved that his uncle Harry is unjustifiably sorry for the royal family

The royal commentator is sure that those members of the royal family who still remain in it are not waiting a sad fate, contrary to Harry's words. The dysfunctional version of the family in which Harry grew up no longer exists. And the credit for this is mostly due to Prince William and Kate Middleton. They were able to create a strong, happy marriage. And in the future, he will protect George, Charlotte and Louis from what Harry called a "zoo".

“What this new picture of George does is really show that the version of the royal family in which Harry's emotional and psychological needs were never met is gone,” Daniela Elzer emphasizes.

What Prince William and Kate Middleton should be praised for

Many royal biographers note the harmonious relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Words about mutual understanding and support are associated with them. In addition, William, who grew up in the same family as Harry, unlike his younger brother, was able to remain on warm terms with his father, Prince Charles. With other relatives, William also freely finds a common language. And Kate Middleton only supports her husband in maintaining a strong connection with the family.

Definitely not everything is so bad in the royal family, as Harry and Meghan represent it. And the healthy atmosphere that reigns in the Cambridge house is an excellent confirmation of that. We are sure that George, Charlotte and Louis will appreciate the support given to them by their parents and other relatives.


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