A powerful heat is approaching Poland. IMGW indicates a specific date. Will temperature records be broken


A sharp rise in temperatures is ahead of us.

 A powerful heat is approaching Poland. IMGW indicates a specific date. Will the temperature records be broken

As reported by the portal” Wirtualna Polska “, the last days did not spoil us with the weather. Those longing for the heat will probably be pleased that in the coming days the temperature will skyrocket. We can see even 36 degrees Celsius on thermometers. Where will it be warmest?

Weather for Monday July 18

On Monday, the weather in our country will be affected by the high that will draw hot air masses over our country. Heat will start flowing to us from the west. Slight cloudiness will dominate, only in the north it increases to high and this is where showers of rain may occur.

On Monday the coldest time will be at the seaside and in the Suwałki Region, where the thermometers will show only 19 degrees. In the east it is supposed to be a bit warmer – up to 22 degrees, in the center to 24. The warmest will be in the western part of the country, where the temperature will rise to 28 degrees Celsius.

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There will be 11 degrees in the foothills at night. In the east a bit warmer, up to 13-14 degrees. The warmest night should be expected by people currently staying in the West and Pomerania.

The next days will bring a sudden warming

It will be warmer day after day, because to Poland hot air will start flowing from over Africa. On Tuesday, July 19, in the western part of the country, thermometers will show up to 34-35 degrees. In the center, according to Tomasz Wasilewski from TVN Meteo, it may be 30-31 degrees. In the southern and eastern parts of the country, it will be slightly cooler to 28 degrees.

The IMGW predicts that Saturday will be the warmest day this week. During this time, the temperature is expected to be up to 28 degrees at the seaside, thermometers can show up to 36 degrees above the rest of the country.

Waiting for the heat to return? Or did you live quite well with the temperatures we have recorded so far?


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