A priest dispels doubts about candles during a Christmas carol. Do they necessarily have to be mushrooms?

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What worlds should be on the Christmas table?

The priest dispels doubts about candles during the Christmas carol. Do they necessarily have to be gromnice

Father Piotr Jarosiewicz is one of the popular priests who, via social media, answers various questions and doubts of believers. In one of the recent recordings, he referred to a very current issue, which is pastoral visits, popularly known as carols. In it, he answered a question about candles that should be on the table at that time.

A priest about candles during a Christmas carol

About how we should to prepare for the annual Christmas carol, priests remind us every year during parish announcements, which precede pastoral visits. Remember about the white tablecloth with which we will cover the table. There must also be a cross, the Holy Bible, sprinkler and holy water.

One of the Internet users had doubts about the candles that should appear on the table prepared for the priest's visit. He decided to share them with Fr. Piotr Jarosiewicz. The question of the Internet user was whether they should be “candle/holy candles”, or whether ordinary candles are acceptable.

“It would be best if we light candle candles, but if there are no candles, we can put any candles” – answered the priest.


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The post was full of comments in which the observers of the priest shared their observations and habits. Many of them did not hide their surprise at the fact that candles should be burned. They were convinced that these only lit up when someone died. Most of the commenters admitted that they light plain white candles during Christmas.

This is a mistake many of us make

It turns out that candle problems in Christmas time is much more. Many of us make the mistake of lighting them before the priest arrives. Turns out they should be lit just before the priest starts praying.

The priest dispels doubts about candles during a carol. Do they necessarily have to be candles>p>

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