A priest, popular on the Internet, answered the Internet user. She asked him “how much did Jesus earn from making vows”

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Fr. Sebastian Picur replied to the internet user.

 A priest, popular on the Internet, replied to the Internet user. She asked him about

As the portal “O2” reminds us, Father Sebastian Picur is one of those clergymen who reach their faithful by being active in social media. Internet users are eager to ask the priest questions that he tries to answer. One of the last questions touched the internet user quite strongly.

This issue still gets a lot of excitement

While there is officially no such thing as a price list for sacraments, it is no secret that many parishes have one. The term “co-grace” has long been taking the form of specific amounts. Such a situation is unacceptable for a large group of believers. They indicate that the sacraments should be administered free of charge and that any sacrifice should be at the will and capacity of the faithful.

The prices for the sacraments depend both on their type and on individual parishes. The research conducted by the ABR SESTA Research Institute in 2021 shows that currently we have to pay from 50 to even 300 PLN for baptism. The sacrament of the wedding or the funeral costs us more.

 A popular priest answered the Internet user. She asked him about

The priest answers the question of Internet users

One of the Internet users asked Father Sebastian Picur about “how much did Jesus earn for administering the sacrament of baptism, weddings and so on”? The clergyman did not shy away from the reply. He stated that the sacrament itself is administered free of charge, and that the sacrifice is made for “service, flowers, etc.”.

However, the Internet user did not stop there. In a comment, she pointed out that her nephew, although he is in the 8th grade, still cannot attend the sacrament because his mother cannot afford to pay for the sacrament. Unfortunately, this question was not answered by the clergyman (at least not until the text was published).

 A popular priest answered the Internet user. She asked him about it & quot; how much did Jesus make from giving the wedding

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