A real treat awaits fans of Witold Paszt. Members of the VOX team confirmed

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Fans of Witold Paszt will have a great reason to be happy. What?

A real treat awaits fans of Witold Paszt. Members of the VOX team confirmed

As the “Interia” portal reminds, Witold Paszt died on February 18 last year, just one day after the anniversary of his death his beloved wife. For fans of the artist, his departure was a huge surprise, because although it was known that the singer was struggling with the disease, until the last moment everyone believed that he would be able to get out of it. However, it happened otherwise. It turns out that before his death, Witold Paszt recorded a song with the band VOX, which will soon see the light of day.

Unexpected departure

The departure of Witold Paszt was a huge surprise for everyone. Although everyone knew that the artist had serious health problems, no one lost hope that he would be able to recover again.

His daughters Natalia and Aleksandra informed about his departure, who betrayed that the artist was infected with the coronavirus three times. The last one brought with it serious complications. They added that Witold Paszt passed away at home, surrounded by his loved ones.

We will hear Witold Paszt's voice again!

The VOX band, co-created by Witold Paszt, shared with the fans exceptional news. The musicians informed that a few weeks before Paszt's departure, they managed to record the song “Razem” together. The group announced that the song will be the last project of the band, which will also be a tribute to the deceased vocalist.

Moreover, fans can take part in the creation of a music video for the last song recorded by Witold Paszt. How?

“According to Witek's vision, each of you will be able to take part in it. You have a unique chance to become the face of this historic, last clip and feel like the vocalist of the VOX band! Show how and where VOX's music accompanies you today” – we read on the official profile of the formation in social media.

In addition to fans, the music video will also feature stars of the Polish music scene , including e.g. Izabela Trojanowska and Andrzej Krzywy.

Are you curious what the last song created by Witold Paszt and the VOX group will sound like?