A recording of an unusual friendship between a dog and a little girl, a hit on the Internet. What did the quadruped do


The author of the recording, seeing the dog's behavior towards her daughter, stated that people do not deserve dog's love.

 A recording of an amazing friendship between a dog and a little girl, a hit on the Internet. What the four of us did. an example of empathy that animals have. </p>
<h2> Jasper did not flinch when baby Hazley's crying stopped </h2>
<p>We have seen the history of great friendship many times between different species of animals, even those that in their natural environment pose a deadly danger to each other. </p>
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@jasperandhazley 6 months together 🥰 #fyp #foryou #babes #pup ♬ Run Free (Original Mix) – Deep Chills & amp; Deep Chills

Unfortunately, we also know that man as a species is the greatest mortal danger to any living creature on earth. Nevertheless, they can bestow trust, affection and love, and even care and care.

@jasperandhazley They still love each other #fyp #foryou #babyandpuppy #bestfriends #growingup ♬ We're Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes

Baby Hazley and Jasper are friends who have made a splash on TikTok. The girl's mom is delighted with the way the little dog treats her daughter.

When the girl, suffering from teething, was crying, the little dog lay down next to her to provide her with at least a little comfort. After 5 minutes, according to the description of the girls' mother, the child fell asleep almost hugged by a dog. After the girl fell asleep, the dog didn't budge until she woke up.

@jasperandhazley We don & rsquo; t deserve dogs #foryou #fyp シ #babyanddog ♬ Night Trouble – Petit Bis

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