A “regionalized” Detroit International Auto Show this year

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A Detroit International Auto Show “regionalized”this year

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wrangler are among the few novelties unveiled this year at the show.

The 2022 Detroit International Auto Show didn't drain as many automakers as it did through the past.

This year, it is mainly American brands that are exhibited.

The Chevrolet Silverado at the Detroit International Auto Show.

Benoît Charette is a car columnist. He roamed the arteries of the Salon as soon as it opened on Wednesday and did not hide his disappointment, considering that this year's edition is not up to the previous ones.

It's a Detroit regional show this year. If we compare the years when all the manufacturers on the market were there, had world premieres in many cases, this year we only have American manufacturers and we don't even have a premiere, explains- he.

“Considering that there are 43 automotive brands on the market right now, there are many, many missing world. »

— Benoît Charette, automotive columnist

Benoît Charette is not particularly seduced by the 2022 edition of the Detroit Motor Show.

Benoît Charette states bluntly that the Detroit Auto Show has no real appeal this year, since the only Asian manufacturer present, Totoya, shows, by the means invested, that the Show has lost its superb.

[Toyota] It's the fourth manufacturer that is there, but in a small corner. I would say the show is split, one-third GM, one-third Ford, one-third Stellantis, and then there are a few small spaces, but even with the few builders we managed to get, there are still large spaces on the floor, he laments.

Mr. Charette even says he fears for the upcoming car shows.

It's going to be maybe the only show in the US this year, because nobody announced they were going to do a show. We also don't know what shows there will be on the Canadian side, he says.

“Geneva, which was also a major show on a global scale, has already announced the cancellation of its show for March 2023. We sees that salons are losing a lot in popularity. »

— Benoît Charette, automotive columnist

For Mr. Charette, if the automotive industry has stopped investing massively in this event, it is partly because it affects a large mass of capital to electrification research.

The 2022 edition of the Detroit Auto Show is therefore above all a dealer show where you can, among other things, discover models from Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, but few new ones, even if Ford, and its Lincoln branch, still present two concept models.

The Lincoln L 100 is one of the vehicles that has attracted the most visitors since the show opened.

Lincoln showcases prototype sport utility vehicle at Detroit International Auto Show.

Benoît Charette is not particularly impressed by the two Jeep models (Grand Cherokee, 30th anniversary and Wrangler) which were unveiled on Wednesday morning, since, in previous editions, a number otherwise more importantly new vehicles were revealed, otherwise with a lot of pomp.

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