A resident of Indonesia has built a personal helicopter with his hands

Житель Индонезии построил личный вертолет своими руками

A resident of Indonesia, having no engineering education, began construction of a personal helicopter.

He makes a flying machine in order not to waste time in a traffic congestion, reports the South China Morning Post.

Gugun Junaedi engaged in the design of helicopter for 18 months in the backyard of his home. It helps my son and the neighbor. According to the inventor, his child is ready percent on 80.

The man is a salesman at the parts store in Jakarta. Since the profile of education he has, it builds a helicopter, using video tutorials on YouTube.

A personal helicopter he already cost 2.1 thousand dollars. Junaedi called him Gardes JN 77 GM.

Unit supplied with engine capacity of 700 cubic centimeters. The Indonesian trials have not started.

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