A Russian woman was sued in Germany for trying to issue tax free on an expensive bag

A Russian woman was prosecuted in Germany for trying to get tax free on an expensive bag

A Furla bag worth 500 euros was confiscated, as the European Union banned exports to Russian luxury goods are more expensive than 300 euros.

After the start of the war in Ukraine, shopping for Russians becomes a very difficult task. So, it became known about several cases when expensive purchases were confiscated from Russians at airports in Germany in an attempt to get a tax deduction for them, and cases were opened about an attempt to illegally import sanctioned products into Russia. Moscow Times writes about it.

After the start of the war in Ukraine against the Russian Federation, sanctions were imposed by the EU countries and Canada. They dealt with luxury goods. And many brands that sold chic clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories left the Russian market.

Many celebrities have announced a boycott of foreign brands, especially Chanel, but, as it turned out, not all of them. So, at the Frankfurt airport, a Furla bag for 500 euros was confiscated from a Muscovite when she tried to put a stamp on the purchase documents at a special point for tax free before departure in order to receive a tax deduction on her card account.

A Russian woman was prosecuted in Germany for trying to get tax free on an expensive bag

The woman said that there were no problems during the sale, but the customs officer who processed the tax free asked to see the purchase, announced its withdrawal and announced the initiation of a case against the buyer about an attempt to illegally import luxury goods into Russia.

The Russian woman tried to get out, explaining that she tried to get tax free on a foreign bank card and did not fly to Russia, but the officer remained adamant. And all because the EU since mid-March has banned the export of clothes, shoes and accessories worth more than 300 euros to the Russian Federation due to the invasion of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

It turned out that the described case is far from the first. When Russians tried to apply for tax free at German airports, expensive purchases were confiscated from them. Even marriage with a foreigner and the presence of another passport of another country does not save in such cases. So, the other day, a certain Daria, who flew from Frankfurt via Istanbul with her husband, lost purchases of 30 thousand euros. Then she flew to Moscow, and her husband flew to Africa.

“The amount of tax free refund was impressive, and I didn't even think that I would run into difficulties, because it was about the purchases of a Canadian. But at the counter tax free, they asked me where we were flying, and I said that to Moscow. I had to show my Russian passport, since I don’t have the right to a tax refund on my EU passport, and my luggage with clothes is registered on me, “she told her sad story Russian woman.

Then all her purchases were confiscated, and the customs officer explained that she had no right to bring expensive purchases to the Russian Federation.

Experts advised the Russians not to try to get a VAT refund, otherwise they threatens not only the loss of a sanctioned luxury item, but the annulment of a visa to the EU. And also not to “shine” with expensive purchases at EU airports.

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