A Russian woman with an injured leg climbed Mount Everest and unfurled the flag of Ukraine there

Russian climber Ekaterina Lipka climbed to the top of Everest and unfurled the Ukrainian flag – thus she expressed support for a country engulfed in war. At the same time, we note that the climber climbed with a damaged leg. NZHerald writes about this.

A Russian woman with an injured leg climbed Mount Everest and unfurled the Ukrainian flag there

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A photo of the climber went viral after former Ukrainian Ambassador to Austria Alexander Shcherba shared it on Twitter.

Praise Lypka for her bold photos and for speaking out against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

“Wow! What a message. What a hero,” one Twitter user enthused.

“Very courageous woman! Congratulations on literally climbing to the top of the world… You inspire. Thank you for supporting Ukraine,” wrote another.

“God bless these wonderful Russian women for climbing Everest and unfurling the Ukrainian flag in protest against Russia’s war in Ukraine. Putin must be stopped by any means to prevent the mass extermination of Ukrainians, or the whole world will suffer,” another user commented. in support of Alexei Navalny, a fighter against corruption and one of the main opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Katya Lipka is a Russian climber, traveler and blogger, mother of four children, her husband is Ukrainian. She became famous as a travel photographer, her pictures were published by National Geographic magazine, writes dv.ee.

The climber is also known for her civic position: on June 4, 2021, she published a post in which she congratulated Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who is in prison, on his birthday. During her first ascent of Everest, Lipka unfurled a poster in support of Navalny on the highest peak in the world. This caused a wave of harassment against the girl from part of the Russian climbers. Soon, her Instagram blog was deleted due to numerous complaints, although Lipka did not formally violate the requirements of the social network.

“I was sitting at the end of April in the evening on the balcony, here in Tallinn. Just restored my Instagram after deletion. And so I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a photo with Russian climbers, how everyone is happy, contented in jackets in the colors of the Russian tricolor, going to Everest. And something clicked for me. Probably, it was already a nervous breakdown, which was provoked by the events and experiences of the last months, ”Katya explained.

“When we were approaching the summit, I had the idea to wait for dawn – it is early there, around half past four. But in 15 minutes I froze everything for myself, and decided to raise the flag and poster right away, ”Lipka admitted.

“There were also talks about banning Russian citizens from climbing in Nepal, as happened in other sports. I do not support this proposal, but when I saw the Russians in these tricolor jackets – those with whom I went last year (and the suits are sewn two or three weeks before the ascent in order to get in size), I realized that this was intentional, that it is a symbolic gesture. And I felt embarrassed. It's a shame for my friends, it's a shame that Russia in a narrow international circle, our mountaineering international diaspora, is represented by this bunch of mummers,” she remarked.

“I called some of my friends in Ukraine, climbers, and asked if this is acceptable at all. There was a thought that it might not be the time to go to the mountains and wave something there. They replied: “We know you, we know that you do it sincerely”. Blessed. It let me go a little. It is clear that there are aggressive episodes, but I treat this with absolute understanding. There is so much grief around, God forbid, loved ones died … I can understand this, it does not offend me. I know about myself that I can calmly look in the mirror in the morning, I’m not ashamed in front of myself and my children, ”the blogger finally said.

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