A sentimental hustler behind bars in Quebec after his arrest in Ontario

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A romance hustler behind bars in Quebec after his arrest in Ontario

Andréa Speranza says she lost thousands of dollars during her relationship with ndré Marcel Vautour.

A 47-year-old man from York Region faces charges of fraud in Drummondville in Quebec. Police arrested him this week in north Toronto.

It's a relief for Andréa Speranza, one of the alleged victims of the romance fraudster.

I feel relieved that the other victims and I will get justice, says the Halifax native.

York Regional Police arrested 47-year-old André Marcel Vautour on Wednesday , which has no fixed address, according to information provided by the police in Quebec sent them information on his situation. The man was suspected of living in Vaughan and was the subject of an arrest warrant.

He faces charges of fraud. He is to be heard Tuesday in Drummondville.

It was the High Risk Offenders Unit that made the arrest at a hotel in Markham, a northern suburb of Toronto

[André Marcel Vautour] was arrested and transported to Quebec so police can continue with the investigation and charge, said Constable Maniva Armstrong, spokesperson for York Regional Police.

She adds that the police continue to receive numerous reports of romance scams, also called romance scams. She explains that in these schemes, fraudsters create false identities, often detailed.

Some victims are new to the region, to the country, some are at some point in their lives where they are very vulnerable and fall into the clutches of scammers. They come into contact with the victim. They create a fictional character and they lure their victim by taking it by the feelings and by using their vulnerabilities, details the policewoman.

She adds that romances develop quickly and the victims are then deeply involved in the relationship to the point of wanting to help the scammers when they come to ask for money.

Maniva Armstrong reminds us of the importance of knowing how to stay alert when talking to people we meet on dating sites who are essentially people who are strangers to us.

A scam that would have cost 5000 $

Andréa Speranza alleges that her romance with André Vautour would have cost her thousands of dollars.

At the end of the day, I lost $5,000, but there are more than twenty victims, some of whom lost more than $100,000, so I'm rather lucky, she says.

She started an online victims' group and connected with alleged victims in eight provinces, including Ontario, but also in other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe or Southeast Asia.

We don't want to rejoice too quickly. The victims will obtain justice in the sense that they will receive appropriate compensation for what they lost, but nothing will make up for the emotional and devastating scars they suffered, insists Andréa Speranza.

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