A series on fashion in Montreal with Jean-Claude Poitras

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A series on fashion in Montreal with Jean-Claude Poitras

Jean-Claude Poitras in the hotel suite “Métiers d'arts signed Jean-Claude Poitras”

Quebec fashion designer Jean-Claude Poitras will present a documentary series on the history of fashion in Montreal, which will be broadcast in the fall of 2023 on MAtv.

The one who celebrates his 50th career this year unveiled this new show in a video posted a few days ago on MAtv Montreal's Facebook page.

We are in the middle of filming a wonderful series telling the beautiful and great story of Montreal fashion over six decades, he explained.

Each of the six episodes will cover a decade. It will begin with the 1950s and end with the 2000s. Interviews with creators as well as creators, but also with models, photographers and people who sold clothes during these decades will feed the series.

I open each episode and summarize the decade, said Jean-Claude Poitras, in an interview with Radio-Canada. I have a role of storyteller and smuggler.

This documentary series will be inspired by When Life Scrolls, the book on the history of fashion in Quebec that Jean-Claude Poitras published in the fall of 2018.

When I was approached [for this series], I was told that my book was very popular and that it inspired the show […] to demonstrate how fashion is a fabulous mirror of society.

This book was a duty of memory for me, because we had such a beautiful history, so rich, but too little known, he added.

The documentary series is filmed in the suite of the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel Métiers d'arts signed Jean-Claude Poitras, imagined last year for the occasion of the 65th Quebec Crafts Fair.

The designer has filled this suite with objects created by local craftsmen and craftswomen, such as furniture, vases, lamps, cushions…

Working with wood, glass, textiles or leather… I have made it my duty to say that we must protect our magnificent know-how, underlined Jean-Claude Poitras.

This text was written based onan interview conducted by Stéphanie Gagnon, cultural columnist at the issue On 15-18. Comments may have been edited for clarity or conciseness.

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