“A serious matter”: the famous Russian singer spoke about the disease Zavorotnyuk

«Дело серьезное»: известный российский певец заговорил о болезни Заворотнюк

Known Russian singer, the soloist of group “the dune” Victor Rybin, who along with his wife Natalia Senchukova overcame cancer, spoke about illness of the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

The artist believes that the fight against skin cancer, he managed thanks to correct therapy and prayer, faith in the recovery. Victor and Natalia think that they got cancer due to excessive exposure to the sun, they liked to sunbathe and regularly used a Solarium. About your diagnosis the Victor and Natalia said publicly, to warn of danger.

«Дело серьезное»: известный российский певец заговорил о болезни Заворотнюк

Rybin suggests that native Zavorotnyuk not talking about disease, because the situation is much more complicated.

“There’s a much more serious and complex. If she does not appear in public, it seems, things are very hard. We all need everyone to pray that a miracle happened. A native right, that hide all the details — it’s their own business. We do not have concealed the diagnosis only because I wanted to warn people and ask them not to repeat our mistakes,” said Rybin edition Days. Ru.

Recall that the family of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk not comment on her condition. On the official support page of the actress they are asked to pray for Anastasia. She is being treated at the medical center on the ruble. Husband Peter Chernyshev went back to work and touring with the ice show.

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