A shooting in a US supermarket leaves six dead and multiple injured

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A shooting at a US supermarket leaves six dead and multiple injured

The United States suffered the second major shooting on Tuesdayin just three days. Police in the city of Chesapeake, in the state of Virginia, have confirmed that last morning a man opened a door. A fire broke out in a large warehouse, leaving six dead and “multiple injured“. After the attack, the perpetrator reportedly committed suicide.

The local authorities have indicated that the perpetrator of this new armed attack was perpetrated before 10:12 p.m., the time at which the police acted. the police, against the citizens who were in a warehouse of the company Walmart making purchases for Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that is celebrated this Thursday in the USA.

As confirmed by the Chesapeake City Council on its Twitter account, the perpetrator of the shooting, whose authority is still unknown, has been found dead in the store.

In a brief press conference, Chesapeake police spokesman Leo Kosinksi did not specify the precise number of deaths, although he has indicated that he believes it would be “less than 10.” /p> < h3>The attacker, among the dead

The last police report shows that a person entered the house. He entered the store shortly before it closed to shoot indiscriminately against the people who were there. His body was found at the scene of the attack and, according to his spokesman, police officers did not open fire.

CNN has reported that the shooter was the manager of The Walmart store where the events occurred was revealed, something authorities have not yet confirmed.

Chesapeake authorities have asked residents to stay away from the store while the investigation continues. n that will treat to clarify what happened. This is the second major shooting in the United States in just two days. This past Sunday, a man identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich entered the office. He joined an LGTBI club in the city of Colorado Springs and began to learn. He started shooting his clients, killing five people and injuring another 25. This new violent attack comes at a time of special political tension in the US in which the rights of the homosexual community are being put in check. by the conservative sectors of the country.