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A rain of rain

The Leonid shower of shooting stars, caused by the passage of comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, will reach its peak of activity. between November 16 and 18. Enjoy this nocturnal spectacle visible from anywhere. the naked eye thanks to our observation tips.

Although the most favorable time to shooting stars are observed in summer, the winter period also reserves some beautiful shows for astronomy lovers. The month of November welcomes the Leonids, a shower of shooting stars which should allow you to admire around ten racing cars per hour at night. condition of being patient and looking up at the right moment!

Tiny dust particles that pass through the atmosphere at low temperatures. At dazzling speed, the showers of shooting stars are caused by clouds of dust left by the comets which circulate in the solar system. For their part, the Leonids come from the debris of comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle. Discovered in 1862, this comet passes as close as possible to the Sun every 33 years, leaving behind it trails of dust that our planet passes through every year. à mid-November.

This year, the Leonids take place from November 6 to 30, offering an observation window during these three weeks. However, their peak activity will take place between November 16 and 18, making this period the best time to admire the show. Two observation slots are available. Choose to optimize your chances of seeing numerous shooting stars streaking the night sky.

The main peak of the Leonids should take place during the night of November 17-18 with a maximum on November 18 around 5 a.m., the ideal time to look up at the sky and go for a trip. ux. You will also be able to observe shooting stars the night before this date. The activity The Leonids will undoubtedly be less intense but could reserve some surprises for spectators with a possible peak on the night of November 16 to 17. To maximize your chances, focus on the second part of the night. The Moon will be discreet and the sky should be dark enough to offer you optimal conditions.

The radiant point, that is to say the area from which ; where the shooting stars seem to emerge, is located in the constellation Leo but it is not necessary to concentrate your gaze on this place. Indeed, the wider your angle of view, the greater your chances of seeing racing cars.

To observe this event, you will not need a ;no equipment since it is at home. You can admire it best with the naked eye! However, you often have to show a certain amount of patience before you see your first star appear shooting. It is therefore recommended to equip yourself according to the outside temperature, to bring a hot drink as well as a deckchair to avoid neck pain.

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