A single man will pay 25 thousand dollars for a meeting with the woman of his dreams

Одинокий мужчина заплатит 25 тыс. долларов за встречу с женщиной своей мечты

The lone American resident of Johnson County, Kansas, has promised to pay 25 thousand dollars to anyone who arranges for him to meet the woman of his dreams. This was reported on the website of the television station KCTV.

Therefore, the 47-year-old Jeff Gebhart decided not only to arrange their personal lives, but also to help the local animal shelter. It offers anyone to try to find him a woman who would be perfectly suited him. In return, he promises to pay the man 25 thousand dollars, and to transfer the same amount to the account of the orphanage. His idea he spent the last six months.

Gebhart admitted that he was tired of Dating and online Dating. In the ad, a man asked the people, successfully married, how much they would appreciate a meeting with them the second half. “I spent on the girls time and the suffering that I experienced during this, you can definitely find the cash equivalent, however, about the same amount I would spend on a meeting,” he said.

Before you make such an unusual announcement, he consulted with friends, many of whom are psychologists. Together they have created a small questionnaire, to others it was easier to pick up for the suitable pair Gebhart. Among other things, he asks a potential partner if she loves dogs. The American admits that he himself is a dog named Gunnar.

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