A “smart scarf” for fans of Manchester City soccer club


A “ smart scarf” for Manchester City soccer club fans

Manchester City had their headscarves tested by some fans of the team.

Fans of the famous British soccer team Manchester City will be given next season a “smart scarf” which will collect, in matches, data on their movements, their emotional state and several physiological parameters, such as heart rate or temperature of the body.

The piece of fabric in the colors of the club – powder blue and white -, designed in partnership with the IT company Cisco, is equipped with a small portable sensor EmotiBit. It is the latter, strategically placed to rest on the back of the neck, which collects the data.

The organization claims that this scarf will help bring fans closer to their club and the game more than ever, without however explaining how concretely. On the Manchester City website, it is hinted that this data may be used to provide more personalized and tailored experiences in the future.

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We are excited to share this innovative improvement to the traditional soccer scarf that allows us to measure the ups and downs [experienced by fans] and better understand the emotion at the heart of this magnificent game, it is mentioned.

Manchester City does not seem to be aiming for the marketing of the scarf for the moment, indicating rather that it will be distributed to a number of fans.

With information from The Guardian


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