A smartphone with a broken screen: why you shouldn't use it


    July 21, 2022, 10:34 | Science and technology

    Many people don't know about it.

    A smartphone with a broken screen: why it is not worth it to use

    Why can't you use a smartphone with a broken screen, and what consequences may arise in the future?

    Touch screen damage panels

    The first possible problem of a broken screen is a malfunction of the touch panel. Ukr.Media informs that a smartphone may respond more slowly to a touch of a broken screen than to a full glass.

    A worse option is also possible, when you press on some parts of the screen, the device will not respond at all.

    < p>Even if nothing has changed immediately in the behavior of the phone, there is no guarantee that in the near future, at the most crucial moment, there will be no problems with the sensor and the user will not be able to receive or send an important message.

    Damage of internal elements

    The broken glass of the display to some extent exerts mechanical pressure on the matrix of the smartphone.

    In the same way, other elements of the internal filling also begin their micro-motion device when the vibrator is triggered.

    In the process of further operation, the operation of the processor, batteries and other components fixed on the smartphone board is gradually disrupted.

    Moisture penetration

    Mainly the enemy of a smartphone is moisture that got inside the gadget.

    When using a device with a cracked screen glass, minimal amounts of moisture penetrate inside the device.

    The process of its accumulation will be long, so the phone will fail it won't be right away.

    Its elements under the influence of moisture will gradually oxidize and at the most critical moment may unexpectedly fail.

    Harm to health

    Almost all modern devices for mobile communication have touch displays. Smartphones are controlled by touching the screen with your fingers. Broken glass that has not crumbled can easily cut your fingers.

    In addition, if a large area of ​​the screen is covered with cracks, there will be an increased strain on the eyes when viewing content. They will get tired 2-3 times faster.

    What to do if it is temporarily impossible to replace the display

    If there are no marks on the glass large cracks and chips, a special protective film must be pasted on it. It will protect the matrix and prevent finger cuts, as well as prevent moisture from entering the smartphone.

    If there are a large number of large cracks and chips, the best option would be a special shockproof case that does not allow moisture to pass through.


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