A space to help parents in the education of their children

A space to help parents in the education of their children

The upbringing and education of children in these times of pandemic is proving fundamental. And all help for parents is little. For this reason, the Teaching degree from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Elche has organized the IV edition of the Family School. The list of speakers includes psychologists, children’s book writers, therapists and experts in neuropsychology. The experts will offer keys to “be creative in difficult times”, the “management of childhood grief”, how to “accompany anger” or “the importance of positive attitudes.” All sessions will be online and free, upon registration at [email protected]

The objective, according to Elisa Minguet and Manuel Pastor, coordinators of this initiative, is to face real issues “that affect us. From there, respond to difficulties, conflicts or problems that are occurring within our family. But, also, that they can arise in the future ». For this, the workshops have four experts in family education, with very current topics in the current pandemic, according to their organizers. “Accompaniment to families is essential to offer the little ones the best of ourselves and help them grow and mature,” they conclude.

This initiative, which begins on April 29, aims to become a meeting place between parents, professionals and students, as in previous editions. “It seeks to share experiences and facilitate training that helps improve the educational quality of families,” say its promoters.

In addition, it also has a training component for Teaching students. “It is about giving our students opportunities to contact the educational reality. Not only the classroom itself, but the different contexts that surround the child, such as his family as the main educational agent, ”Minguet and Pastor say.

The first session, which is scheduled for April 29, will deal with “Management of child grief”, by Mercedes Castilla, psychologist and founder of Psicoalegra. The workshop aims to “equip parents with the necessary tools to help their children in the process of making grief. From the understanding and management of the different phases of this process to the implementation of specific guidelines for emotional regulation in the face of loss ”.

On Thursday, May 6, the second workshop will be held, in which the writer of children’s stories, Paloma Blanc, will discuss how to “Be creative in difficult times.” For this mother of nine children, even though these are difficult times “and, although it is hard to believe, within all this situation, we are still privileged. As people, as children, friends, professionals and, above all, as parents, we have a great challenge: to make life easier and happier for others in these times. Be creative to ensure that, despite the difficult times, those around us store good memories.

The third session, on May 13, is entitled “Accompanying rabies” and will be given by Brígida Pérez, doctor in Psychology and EMDR therapist. «Accompanying our children in their emotions is the main support and gift that we can offer them for their personal and emotional growth. It is precisely in anger that they will need our support, our listening, our full attention and our understanding the most, in order to help them redirect from anger to love ».

Finally, on May 20, Fernando Alberca, one of the world’s leading experts in education, will close this edition with a talk on “Happy children, the importance of positive attitudes.” From his experience, he argues that happiness is something affordable in all circumstances, because it does not have to do with them but with the attitude towards them.

Children, today more than ever, need families where they can learn to be happy and develop personally and comprehensively. Feeling not only loved, but also valuable and valued. Learning to be more positive in any circumstance, to raise their self-esteem when they need it, to know each other better and to find in parents what they need most at this time of so much change.

Alberca assures that his session will work on how to make everyone in the family happier, more optimistic, “because optimism is learned.” Also to raise your self-esteem and overcome obstacles, take advantage of the new adolescence that begins at 9 and ends at 45, or how to improve your emotional health.

Free sessions

The sessions of the family school are free and will be online with prior registration at [email protected] They will take place on Thursdays between April 29 and May 20 at 3.30 p.m. The roster of speakers for this edition includes psychologists, children’s book writers, therapists, and experts in neuropsychology.


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