A spoiled car park too many

A spoiled car park too many

A spoiled car park too many

To the point that over the years, car parks have been improvised that in reality are not and that put into question the preservation of the natural environment of the river’s slope and the safety of the driver himself. However, they are consented by the administration because there are no signs that prevent their access.

The most pressing case is that of the Mohammed Al Safra street, a road behind the San José asylum and the CEU University, which is option B for many drivers who cannot find places in the neighborhood. This street has the peculiarity that it communicates with the slope of the Vinalopó.

The challenge is to find an empty gap between the sides of the slope as they are invaded by the four-wheelers. Drivers do not mind too much that in some sections there is not even any protection barrier between the street and the river, with the exception of some trees.

With which the repeated stamp that you can see up to 50 cars parked in a bad way. For sections it is only the individual responsibility to apply the handbrake well so that there are no scares at several meters high and down the slope.

María José Diez as former president of the San José neighborhood association recognizes that this is a problem that has been installed for years, which is based on the fact that “it is a fairly old neighborhood, the buildings have practically no underground parking lots and the few remaining areas that can be enabled They are the access to the river slopes, they are almost untouchable areas and now there are many more cars with the CEU, because the neighbors already used that parking area because there is nothing in the neighborhood, “he adds.

In line, remember that the City Council has been asked on several occasions to do something like put up fences to avoid cliffs. Several residents also report that this type of protectors would be important “to prevent consequences after a rise in the water or a storm like Filomena that sweeps away with vehicles,” they point out.

At this point, municipal sources acknowledge that it is not a regulated area for parking and that there has been no continuous intervention since only some wooden barriers have been put up that do not cover the entire itinerary where you park.

From El Raval they also feel that for years they have allowed car parks that are degrading the environment of the promenade next to the hillside. More than half a thousand cars can also be seen daily. Reme Pomares, president of the neighborhood group in this neighborhood, shows that “many awareness campaigns and campaigns are needed from a young age to make a change in the city’s paradigm, because it cannot physically accommodate more cars.”

As a resident, he assumes that only a few meters from the river there are no limitations for parking “because no other options have been created.” In line, he understands that one of the solutions could be the implementation of dissuasive parking lots.


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