A sponge placed in the refrigerator offers only benefits. The old method of our grandmothers

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Women in many countries use this simple method for many “refrigerator” problems!

The sponge in the icebox is only a benefit. Our grandmothers' old method

The wisdom of putting a sponge in the icebox really exists and I found out again about it directly in China, from a Chinese girl .

Some girls, in families where traditions and traditional views are valued (and there are still the majority of them), are prepared from an early age to obey, save and wisely in the family. That was my girlfriend.

Niu, whose name can even translate as & ldquo; girl & rdquo ;, was my assistant and I learned most of my cleaning tips from her. These were both the tricks of her older siblings, mothers and grandmothers, as well as habits known to all Chinese women.

One of them is practical, to hang your shirt or things for you to leave next to the bathroom while taking a hot shower. So they will be smoothed out of steam, but dry when you go.

What about the ice sponge?

The story is that for them it's not just a lucky charm but quite functional item that is used in a variety of situations. For example, here are reasons why you might want to put a sponge in the refrigerator or even the freezer.

So, in my icebox (even in my home country) I keep a few sponges just in case, which, incidentally, were already used for their intended purpose.

I am surprised once again, how much Chinese housewives love tricks and life hacks, and such that the whole world checks, debunks and uses them later.

A sponge kept in the ice will surely absorb unwanted liquids and excess moisture, and it will also be useful for an emergency wipe of something that has been spilled. When this happens, and we do not notice it immediately, the sponge will be able to capture a large part of the spilled liquid and save us time, which would have to be spent on washing the whole thing.

I was very surprised to learn how smart women are and how smartly they improve their daily activities! In addition, everything we have in the refrigerator can absorb moisture quickly and break down, and the sponge takes away all the moisture instead of the products placed in the iceberg!

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