A surprising theory circulated in the media. Were there two Lucias of Fatima. Proponents of the thesis present evidence

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Were we dealing with two Lucias?

A surprising theory has been circulating in the media. Were there two Lucias of Fatima. Proponents of the thesis present evidence

As the “Interia” portal reminds, Łucja was one of the three children from Fatima, to whom the Mother of God was to appear in 1917. She was to be entrusted with the secret of the future fate of the world. Over the years, many myths and even conspiracy theories have grown around her. According to some people, Lucia was not at all the one the Catholic Church took her to be. Then who was she according to one of the theories?

The Keeper of Fatima Secrets

The apparitions in Fatima took place over 100 years ago, but they still evoke a lot of emotions . There is no shortage of people who believe that the Mother of God actually appeared to three children, but also opponents of this thesis. Over the years, many myths and conspiracy theories have grown up around the events of Fatima. Łucja was among the three siblings.

She was the oldest and it was to her that Mary was to entrust the secrets of the future of the world. There were three of them. The first was a vision of hell, where sinners go after death. The second was about the persecution of the pope and the war that will cover the world.

The third secret of Fatima has not been revealed for years. It was decided to publish part of the prophecy only in 2000. The whole is not disclosed and is to be known only to the next popes. The published fragment spoke of a priest dying from bullets and aging from an archery, which was related to the assassination attempt on John Paul II on May 13, 1981.

The undiscovered fragment of the third secret of Fatima gives a lot of scope for creativity in conspiracy theories. They also do not spare the figure of Łucja herself, who died on February 13, 2005. At least officially…

Conspiracy theories about Lucy of Fatima

There are many people who are convinced that Łucja did not die on February 13, 2005, but much earlier. According to conspiracy theorists, she died in 1949 and was replaced by a doppelgänger at that time. This is supposed to be confirmed by the change that took place unexpectedly in Łucja's face.

Suspicions in this matter were formulated by a Catholic publicist, Dr. Marian Therese Horvat. She was trying to find a question about whether “there were two Lucia sisters”. Comparing Lucia's photographs taken up to 1949, she had no doubt that we were dealing with the same person.

The photo of Sister Lucia published in 2006 raises doubts whether we are dealing with the same person. “Analyzing the faces, you can see that Sister Lucy I has an oval face with high cheekbones and a concave chin; Sister Lucy II has a more square face and jaw” – enumerates Harvot, also pointing to the difference in the mouth, nose, eyebrows and teeth of “both sisters of Lucy”.

Many supporters of this theory wonder who was the woman who replaced the real Lucia and why did the church want to introduce her doppelgänger?

This is suspicious

The records in the religious documentation also arouse suspicion. In the register of the Carmelite Order, you can find a list of the dead, which includes Maria Lúcia do Coraçâo Imaculado with the date of death assigned to May 31, 1949.

On the night of April 13/14, 2006, this entry was corrected and February 13, 2005 was entered as the date of death. Until now, no one has explained why this change took place.

The photo that was supposed to be of old sister Lucia caused many doubts and it was finally admitted that the photo was signed incorrectly and does not appear on the Lucia of Fatima, but Mother Mary Celina.

What do you think about the whole thing?

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