A Taiwanese tycoon at war with the Chinese communists

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A Taiwanese tycoon at war with Chinese Communists

Billionaire Robert Tsao wants to “wake up” his fellow citizens to the Chinese threat.

Robert Tsao, Taiwanese semiconductor tycoon

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwanese semiconductor magnate Robert Tsao is on a crusade against the Chinese communists. He even offered US$100 million of his fortune to train citizens in combat to defend the island.

Its living room is converted into a meditation room with tatami and wooden chairs for guests. On the wall, traditional Buddhist inscriptions. Robert Tsao practices the art of Zen in the gigantic room overlooking Daan Park, Taipei's Central Park. Defending Taiwan, he says, is his duty as a Buddhist.

As a Buddhist, it is my duty to prevent a disaster that is on the horizon, explains Robert Tsao. If I see bullying on the street, I have to intervene. In this case, what is intimidated is a free and democratic society that we finally managed to build in Taiwan after decades.

Another totalitarian giant. The Chinese Communist Party yesterday enshrined President Xi Jinping's total power over his country for the next 5 years. He recalled in his speech his desire to annex the island of Taiwan. A scenario that a Taiwanese billionaire wants to prevent at all costs. Semiconductor magnate Robert Tsao even donated US$100 million of his fortune to train citizens for combat. Our correspondent in Asia, Philippe Leblanc, met him.

Inspired by Ukrainian resilience, the Taiwanese billionaire pledges to donate US$100 million to the Taiwanese government and a private institution. The sum will be used for the production of military drones and especially to train civilians in combat. Robert Tsao wants to train three million people in three years, including 300,000 snipers.

The population must develop the determination and greater will to defend Taiwan. I think we would be militarily prepared to resist invasion attempts.

“It's on the psychological level that you have to work. China bombards the media and social networks with the message that they are so powerful that any resistance is futile. »

— Robert Tsao

A resistance that is all the greater, according to Robert Tsao, as the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has just obtained a third mandate and that the annexation of Taiwan becomes a top priority for the Chinese Communist Party.

Our correspondent in Asia Philippe Leblanc will be based in Taiwan in the coming months, to help us discover this island of nearly 24 million inhabitants, its society and the challenges that animate it. And also to cover current issues throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The approaches of the electronics billionaire and also one of the greatest collectors of ancient art are surprising. He has already circumvented laws to build factories in China, leading to court convictions in Taiwan. As a result, Robert Tsao had renounced his Taiwanese citizenship and adopted Singaporean citizenship until recently.

Robert Tsao once suggested a few years ago that a referendum be organized in Taiwan on the question of independence. He claims today that it was to show the Chinese authorities that the idea was rejected. At the time, his proposal was seen as pro-China.

In a major press conference on September 1, Robert Tsao announced that he had become a citizen of Taiwan again and would donate part of his fortune to defend the island.

It was when I saw the rapid dismantling of Hong Kong that I told myself that I was going to do everything to prevent it from happening at home, explains Robert Tsao. The Chinese ambassador to France said that after the annexation of Taiwan, they will re-educate the population. Their plan is clear. They want to send us to concentration camps like they do with the Uighurs.

The Taiwanese tycoon has therefore gone on a crusade against the Chinese Communists whom he describes as zombies. And especially against the totalitarian Chinese President, Xi Jinping, whom he holds responsible for the dismantling of Hong Kong and the suspected crimes against humanity in Xinjiang.

It was in his living room converted into a meditation room that Robert Tsao welcomed journalist Philippe Leblanc.

Taiwan plays a crucial role in the production of microprocessors, which would encourage the United States and Japan to come to its defense, according to several analysts. Robert Tsao urges caution when it comes to this notion of a silicon shield.

TSMC is the biggest player in the world and is so important that no new electronic product is developed without its semiconductors, he explains. Since TSMC is so important to the world, China could attack Taiwan and take TSMC hostage in exchange for control of Taiwan.

Sharp words in Taiwan. The majority of residents interviewed say they are used to Chinese threats and do not believe in an invasion.

“C is a false sense of security. I want to wake up the Taiwanese!

— Robert Tsao

Practicing Zen and Buddhism, one of Robert Tsao's hobbies, means living in the present moment. And, according to him, the threat against Taiwan is immediate.

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