A touching story of a boy with a disability who managed to start a family


August 4, 2022, 14:33 | In the world

This is what a truly special love looks like.

The touching story of a boy with a disability who managed to create a sim

Hannah and Shane Bercow showed what a truly special love is. A crystal clear feeling, protected from stupid superstitions and stereotypes. We hope this story inspires you!

Special Love

Shane Bercow was given a disappointing diagnosis at birth. Starting from the age of 2, the boy began to move exclusively in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, in our society, it is customary to believe that such people are doomed to loneliness. However, Shane's story proves the opposite, informs Ukr.Media.

The guy met his future wife on the Internet. She herself wrote to him, and they began to actively communicate. Soon, friendly communication grew into something more, and the lovers decided to get married. Shane and Hannah made their relationship official in September 2020.

It would seem that what can overshadow their family happiness? Of course, it was not without a stream of hate that fell on the newly married couple. They run social networks where they show that love can be different. But some people find it hard to believe.

Hannah is believed to be Shane's babysitter or guardian. Not everyone believes that an ordinary girl can sincerely love a boy with disabilities. To prove the opposite to a society limited by silly stereotypes, the lovers make a video for their YouTube channel. In them, they show what their everyday life is full of.

The account is followed by more than 950 thousand people from all over the world. And the more people find out about Hannah and Shane Bercow, the faster the stupid stereotype of some kind of relationship being right will be dispelled. The love of these people is special – that's the truth. However, this should not cause such a stormy resonance in society.

For many, this amazing couple has become a role model. They are fun to watch because they are sincere. It's just that Hannah and Shane don't try to pretend to be someone they're not. And such, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the modern world.

The story of an unusual love

Before meeting Hannah, Shane considered himself a burden for loved ones. He understood that his limited capabilities could oppress his relatives. But the girl changed his opinion about himself forever.

Lovers understand each other with half a word. They are comfortable together wherever they are. Of course, Hannah often helps her husband physically. For example, he can carry it in his arms if necessary. However, this is not a problem for the couple.

In addition, they like to laugh at themselves. They take all their failures easily and casually. And neither he nor his wife consider Shane's illness to be something special for a long time. It's just a condition they've learned to live with together.

Hannah and Shane Bercow have long been internet stars. They are often interviewed, asking tricky questions. However, the spouses answer each of them with a smile. During their life together, they managed to face so many inappropriate comments and even insults that it is unlikely to surprise them.

The couple exudes a positive attitude. You look at them – and the soul rejoices. It is not surprising that such a large number of followers follow the life of lovers. This is very inspiring!


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